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Why to be an LIC AGENT

Do you want to work for someone/ organization/company?


You want to setup your own business/work for yourself?

Hi, If you are on My Website and reading this page it simply means you are the one who want to put his efforts for himself but not for an organization/company of for anyone else.

For me as an LICian, you are a future Entrepreneur and yes you are at the right place. Because as per Dr S Ramadorai, adviser to the prime minister in the national council on skill development, Government of India, We are a young economy and we are only growing younger. In 2020, the average Indian will be only 29 years old – compare that with 37 in China and the US, 45 in West Europe and 48 in Japan. 65 per cent of our people will be in the working age group, and this age advantage for India is expected to continue for at least three decades till 2040.

ACCORDING to an estimate, we need to create around 1 to 1.5 crore jobs per year for the next decade to provide gainful employment to India’s young population. Large businesses in India, both in the public and private sector, will not be able to generate employment at such a large scale.

 So It is requirement to concentrate as an entrepreneur, work for self and create thousands of employment to absorb young population of India.

Here you will find a exciting business opportunity to work as an entrepreneur, I present to you the career of “LIC ADVISOR”

LIC ADVISOR is also known as LIC AGENT.

He is the person who advices people to help, protect & save their family’s income and maintain same lifestyle from unexpected future events like death, disability and retirement of the earning member of the family. There is no profession as noble as this indeed.

LIC Advisor works with LIC, which contributes to economical & social development of the country as the money that LIC collects as premium goes for nation building like Dams, Roads, Water supply, Housing etc.

LIC’s Top agents have income more than Rs3-5Cr per annum.

An Average LIC AGENT among top 20% advisors in LIC earn Rs 12 lac p.a.

There would be many agents working around you but it is not going to be like that. We Provide best training, software and guidance which assure that you will also be among top 20% advisors of LIC in income.

So we provide this offer only to the people who have vision to grow & earn, who wants to make their own way and leave a trail for others rather than following a fix road map.

If you think, you are among that kind of person, then fill the contact form or call us at 9716-836-836 for an appointment.

We have limited openings and vacancies will be filled as First Come First Basis.

Join LIC as Advisor in Gurgaon

With Regards,

Vinay Kumar Sharma, MSc Math & CT1 acturial

Development Officer (SBA)