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Business Oppurtunity for LIC Advisors : LIC AGENTS DELHI NCR

There is wrong misconception among people about the profile of LIC Agent. There are many lic agents in our country who are earning in 7 figures & have their own big offices, luxury cars, big houses, property of worth many crores. They are not less than any CEO’s of any mid size MNC’s.


A question come to mind what are and of which kind of business opportunity available to them. To be a big in LIC business one needs to understand that huge amount of money can be made through LIC. Not all but few who have vision to be big and those are business minded can grow as much as they want.

The Top Advisor of LIC is earning more than 12 Cr per as income. His income is nearly 12 times more than the chairman of LIC.

LIC agency is a business which is non loss making business. If LIC agent works he will get income from LIC and if does not then no income will come to him but there will be no loss to him.

LIC agency is a game of numbers, more the customers, more will be the income of the agent.

Normally in a policy an advisor get 30% of the commission in the first year and 7.5% for next two years and 5% p.a. for remaining number of years.

A person doing Rs 1 Cr of premium in an year will Rs 30lacs as the commission in the first year and Rs 7.5 lacs for next two years and Rs 5 lac p.a. for remaining number of years to provide best services to its clients.

Many Agents who have 1000’s of clients need to have their personal staff to provide services to their clients, and sometimes the payout to their staff in the form of salary is more than Rs 1Cr p.a. .Now one can easily imagine that if the salary of the staff is more than 1 Cr p.a. what will be their income.

The point to note here is that whether the business is less or more in any particular year the salary of the staff is not a burden to them as LIC is paying 5% p.a. to them as renewal income.

An LIC advisor who perform well basically acts a mid size company work with many people under them, so there is huge business opportunity to them and above all it is a business where one can never face losses.


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Role Models : Join LIC as Agent in Delhi NCR

LIC agents are earning handsome amount as commission, there are various example all over India who are earning in Crores. Some of them are mentioned below:

Rank Name Branch First Year Commission Excl. Bonus Commission
1. Shri V VENKATESWARA RAO Vishakhapatnam 2,05,09,585
2. Smt SANGITA MAHESHWARI Indore 1,77,58,368
3. Shri BHARAT V PAREKH Nagpur 1,09,52,152
4. Shri RAVINDAR JETHANI Mumbai 1,01,24,090
6. Shri AUTI DATTATRAY JAYRAM Mumbai 86,46,357
7. Shri PULKIT KHANDELWAL Delhi 70,71,261
8. Shri BHIMAN DAS Kolkata 67,92,431
9. Shri DEEPAK DHABALIA Mumbai 66,31,879
10. Smt HEENA HITESH SHAH Mumbai 66,01,442


The above mentioned are just few but there are thousands of Agents across all over India who are earning more than Rs 20lac per annum. LIC agency is a noble profession through which one can be millionaire from a common person. Bharat Parekh is one of them.

Join LIC as Agent in Delhi NCR

Join LIC as Agent in Delhi NCR


While still a teenager, at the age of 17, Bharat Parekh risked being an outcast among his college mates. Not that he indulged in anti-social activities, nor were his friends caste-conscious, all he did was don the role of an agent for the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). It was for Rs 300 a month in 1986 that Parekh sacrificed the charm of college days. Not that he grew up money minded, but he too was faced with the bane most middle class boys still face in India — getting their sisters married respectably.

Parekh, who missed out on watching matinee shows and playing cricket during his youth, is now a millionaire who can afford most luxuries of life. As an agent, his annual income is over Rs 4 crore, around five times more than the Rs 87 lakhs that LIC chairman DK Mehrotra took home last year. The sweat and toil behind selling 1,000 odd policies a year, helped Parekh marry his five sisters off in accordance with the demands of Indian tradition.

But the journey was a rough one. “I was the youngest in the family after five sisters… I needed a job to financially support my family,” says Parekh. “My sisters asked me if there is anything else I could do. My friends in college stopped talking to me.

An LIC agent was looked down upon and the perception was that only those who had nothing else to do in life became LIC agents.” Even getting recruited as an agent was difficult given the minimum age for the job was 21. But Parekh managed to find work under a development officer at 18 and has never had to look back since then.

He sells around 1,000 policies a year, the worth of a policy being Rs 2 lakh on an average, and manages to generate a premium of Rs 200 crore for the corporation — the highest generated by any agent in India.

Even as college mates looked down on him and LIC was still taboo for the middle class, finding a prospective bride was an uphill task for Parekh. “I had to produce my Income Tax returns to prove to my potential father-in-law that I earn enough to take care of his daughter and bring up a family,” says Parekh.

We are a happy family now. But building one was probably more difficult than convincing someone to buy an insurance policy, says Parekh.

Married to Babita, Parekh has no intention to abandon his career of three decades. “It is the world’s best profession,” says Parekh citing the independence it provides and the sky-high opportunity to earn.

Source: ET