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Join LIC – Think something big

India is a developing country and has a huge population. Since independence LIC of India was the only life insurance company by the year 2000. In the year 2000, the Life Insurance sector was opened for private life insurers as well. But by the year 2023, only 20% of the Indian population could be insured by all the public and private sector Life Insurers. Still 80% of the population is to be secured. So one can understand what is the potential of this sector. India is a developing country and more than 30% of population is young that means the population of India will continue to grow for next 30 to 40 years. This clearly tells that the demand of life insurance will remain as it is for next 40 years.


Income opportunity

As discussed above the life insurance sector has huge potential so it can give employment to lacks of people. People can join LIC as advisor and earn as much as they want. The top LIC advisor Mr Bharath Parekh earns more than 10 crores per annum.

LIC Advisors are the business partners of LIC. Whatever business they generate they get a percentage of that so one can easily calculate if one lIC advisor is able to generate rupees 3 crores in one year under regular policy so his first year income will be more than one crore. If if he is able to generate 10 crores in one year then 3 crores will be LIC agent salary. This is the power of life insurance agency.

It is not easy to live comfortably in the Metro city like Delhi Gurgaon & Noida with one income. Most of the people are still earning less than rupees 100000 per month and to live comfortably this is not enough.

LIC offers a handsome employment opportunity in part time or full time where one can increase his income to any extent and can live fully up to his dreams. so one should definitely think to become an lic agent.

Join LIC
Join LIC

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