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Recruitment of LIC agent in Janakpuri Delhi

Recruitment of LIC agent in Janakpuri, Delhi


In India, Only 10% of the population (125Crores) is insured that is only 13crore people are insured rest are uninsured. LIC of India is in the market since 1956 and 23 pvt companies are operating in India since 2000. Even than only 10% of the population is insured.  From time to time, LIC put stalls at different places, to recruit more and more advisors. One such camp for recruitment of lic agents is going on in Janakpuri, Delhi. Mr. Vinay Kumar Sharma, The Top development Officer is authorized to recruit you. Call 99100-39879 to book an appointment.

LIC Agency is a part time job, which is suitable for many people who want to increase their income by working in part time that is by giving two to three hours daily. Highly ambitious people working in various sectors join LIC to increase their income. People already working as LIC agent having 2-5 years agency are earning handsome part time/long term income much more than any other such jobs. Like Bharat Parekh. Those who have a basic aptitude of connecting with people and guiding them to a better and secure future can earn huge regular income through LIC agency. But these days people are quite active on social media like whatsapp, facebook, twitter and linkedin. Where it remain in contact with people around him like his school friends, college friends, office mates etc.

Recruitment of LIC agent in Janakpuri

Recruitment of LIC agent in Janakpuri

LIC advisor’s work is to guide people around him to do invest in a proper way. In almost all policies, LIC provide life insurance cover as a mandatory part. Who ever buy LIC policy is automatically covered and in case of any mishappening with him, his family get the compensation equal to the sum assured of the policy.

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LIC agents work is also considered as one of the most noble work or social work as he is helping people to plan better for their family’s future.

Career In Life Insurance As Advisor in Tilak Nagar Delhi

Career In Life Insurance As Advisor in Tilak Nagar, Delhi

Tilak Nagar is one of the popular markets of Delhi. It is located in West Delhi. Most of the residents of Tilak Nagar is doing their own businesses. Generally it is not easy to start a business as it require lot of investment and other resources, which is not affordable for everyone.

Even those who are not doing business and are employed somewhere and they want to increase their income, Career in life insurance as Advisor in Tilak Nagar, Delhi is one of the best options.

LIC is one of the biggest financial institution in India and every one has trust in it. Every one has certain financial needs like saving, tax saving, child education, marriage, retirement, family’s financial security etc. And people always look for expert LIC agents who can guide them properly so that all their future financial goals can be met. In this way career in LIC as LIC advisor is very lucrative business.

It needs no investment, simply need to clear an IRDA exam which is an objective type test consist of 50 questions carrying 50 marks and one need to score 33% in it.  i.e  17 marks out of 50. To know more about  Procedure to join LIC as Agent in Tilak Nagar click at link.

career in life insurance as advisor in Tilak Nagar Delhi

career in life insurance as advisor in Tilak Nagar Delhi

 Almost every one can join LIC, male or female who is above 18 years of age and as much as one wants. The best part with LIC business is, it is no loss business, You will definitely earn in this business. To know how much one can earn Click on the profile of Bharat Parekh