Be an LIC AGENT : Start as an Entrepreneur

“LIC Agent” a name very common to people but very few know its benefits, those who want to work as an Entrepreneur, they should at least know the benefits of LIC Agents as the life insurance industry expert believe LIC AGENT as Entrepreneur is a fulfilling career.  There are many well known names in LIC, who are advisers and earning in 7-8 figures.   Mr Bharat Parekh is an LIC Advisor who earns  four times more than LIC chairman.

Mr Bharat Parekh’s annual income is Rs 4 Crores and 11 Crores including renewal and fresh commission from LIC. He started his career in the year 1986 as LIC Advisor and since then he never turned back, now he sells more than 1000 policies in a year and he has staff of more than 30 people working for him. He says, LIC Agency is a business with which you can achieve any heights.

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